Gardening Classes

Ripe and Roasted offers individualized on-site garden classes as well as consultations for design, implementation, and problem solving within your outdoor space.

Through Ripe and Roasted’s customizable gardening classes, you can learn the skills of fostering successful plant growth. Our courses will equip you to conquer the at-home garden of any size. Whether you want to learn how to create a balcony garden, a series of landscaped flower beds, or a vast vegetable garden, Ripe and Roasted is here to empower you with the skills to manage a beautiful garden.

Ripe and Roasted offers a variety of classes as well as the option to tailor a class to suit your needs. Learn more about our gardening class offerings below!

Garden Class Offerings:

Edible Gardening:

Designing and Preparing an Edible Garden

Garden to Table

Early Spring Vegetables

Late Fall Vegetables

Planting an Edible Garden

Maintaining an Edible Garden

Root Vegetables

Edible Landscaping: Working Fruits and Vegetables into Your Landscaping Beds

Fruits and Berries

Designing Your Garden:

IMG_3340 Our Backyard (10)

Building and Planting a Raised Bed

First Impressions: Creating Lovely Front Beds

Insects: What You Need to Know

Perennial Flower Gardening

Planting Your Boulevard

Planting Seeds in Spring

Pots for Spring

Pots for Summer

Replace Your Grass

Shade Planting

Tree and Bush Pruning

Vertical Planting

Xeroscape Gardening

Register for a Gardening Class!

Register for a Ripe and Roasted gardening class today! Let us know your interest by signing up for a course below. If you would like to customize a course, please add a comment with your requested course and date, and we will contact you about setting up the course. Feel free to contact us with any questions!