Coneflower Card with Prose



The summer was in full swing, and so were the coneflowers. I watched as a bumblebee slowly worked its way from flower to flower. The pincushion centers, being rich in pollen, are magnets for many kinds of pollinating insects. With various shades of white, pink, and orange petals, the flowers sit atop sturdy stems. These trusty perennials are one of the mainstays of many perennial flower gardens, thanks to their long bloom time and their hardiness.   

Send a classic floral greeting card for a thank you note or any occasion. This card depicts a hand-painted print of coneflowers along with text that says the following:

“CONEFLOWERS / Echinacea. Perennial / Named after a hedgehog or sea-urchin / Works in most sunny US gardens / Drought and deer-resistant / Plant from either seeds or transplants/ Best planted in early spring or fall / Deadhead to promote reblooming”

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Card Information: 

  • Blank inside, artwork print and text on the outside
  • Size: A2 (4.25″x 5.5″)
  • Comes with matching or gray envelope
  • Printed, cut, and sent from Sioux Falls, SD

Any “Ripe and Roasted” watermark in product photos will not appear on actual cards.

All artwork designed and produced by Cami Jacobsen with Ripe and Roasted. All rights reserved.


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