Pea Pod Card with Prose



I stand at the fenceline and pop sweet peas in my mouth. The ones that do make it into my kitchen quickly disappear into salads, top my Asian bowls, and pair with a garlicky aioli. If it’s a bumper year, I’ll pick the flowers to use in a bouquet or sprinkle over salads. The freshness of spring becomes even more pleasant with sweet peas.

Send a classic vegetable greeting card for a thank you note or any occasion. This card depicts a hand-painted print of pea pods along with text that says the following:

“PEA PODS / Pisum sativum: Sweet edible-pod pea / Cross between the snow pea and shelling pea / Cool season legume / Plant along a fenceline as early as soil can be worked / Favorite uses: last minute addition to curried chicken bowl, / eaten fresh dipped into Tzatziki sauce”

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Card Information: 

  • Blank inside, artwork print and text on the outside
  • Size: A2 (4.25″x 5.5″)
  • Comes with matching or gray envelope
  • Printed, cut, and sent from Sioux Falls, SD

Any “Ripe and Roasted” watermark in product photos will not appear on actual cards.

All artwork designed and produced by Cami Jacobsen with Ripe and Roasted. All rights reserved.


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