Pear Card with Prose



It was a blustery night outside, but in the warm kitchen we paid little attention to the outdoor elements. We were all too consumed by the comforting scent wafting up from the pear custard pie as it emerged from the oven. The nuanced sweetness of the pears was like a shy prima ballerina brought to life by the buttery crust and smooth custard. The unexpected excellence was the perfect capstone to our evening. 

Send a beautiful and informative fruit greeting card for a thank you note or any occasion. This card depicts a hand-painted print of Barlett pears along with text that says the following:

“PEARS / Pyrus. Member of the rose family / Wood is prized for high-quality woodwind instruments / Most pear tree varieties are hardy down to -40 F / Enjoyed as food since prehistoric times / Store pears at room temperature until ripe / Favorite uses: Pear custard tart, pear, gorgonzola, and arugula pizza”

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Card Information: 

  • Blank inside, artwork print and text on the outside
  • Size: A2 (4.25″x 5.5″)
  • Comes with matching or gray envelope
  • Printed, cut, and sent from Sioux Falls, SD

Any “Ripe and Roasted” watermark in product photos will not appear on actual cards.

All artwork designed and produced by Cami Jacobsen with Ripe and Roasted. All rights reserved.


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