Ripe and Roasted aims to use art, writing, and teaching to empower people to create enduring, winsome gardens and to cook fresh, wholesome meals. We foster an appreciation for refining the art of great food.

Ripe and Roasted is the brainchild of Cami Jacobsen, a horticultural and culinary devotée. Cami is a registered dietitian and a certified master gardener with South Dakota State University extension. She is adept at equipping people with the knowledge and tools to create beauty in both cooking and gardening.

Cami loves all things garden and kitchen; crisp spring afternoons, tidying up the garden beds. She enjoys working in the partly rotted leaves from the prior fall and listening to the birds chirp as she contemplates how to arrange her plantings for the coming season. She loves the scent of freshly turned earth, the smell of a tomato plant as you’re trimming off its extra shoots, and the intoxication of lavender blossoms or basil leaves.

The garden’s offerings that start trickling in May compound as the days warm up and summer passes. Cami’s trusty garden basket makes the trip from yard to kitchen dozens of times. The basket’s sturdy construction lends itself to being loaded down and piled high.

In the kitchen, Cami cannot help herself; she has to create deliciousness from this bounty. Whether it is a simple, still-warm-from-her-sunny-green-garden bright red tomato slice sprinkled with Maldon sea salt flakes or a complexly-flavored Provencal Bouillabaisse stew, there is a joy to savoring food.

Of course, all savoring should include family and friends. That is where you come in. Cami would like to impart a thorough knowledge of how to successfully garden and cook. In addition, she hopes to instill in you a fervor for celebrating home, family, and friendship through carefully and lovingly created meals.