About the Watercolor Artist

Ripe and Roasted is the fruition of my passion for using art, writing, and teaching to bring people joy and inspiration. I am a watercolor artist who loves plants, gardens, and great food, and I hope my art is a reflection of that amour.

A self-taught watercolor artist, I love painting the world around me. I am also a horticultural and culinary devotée, so this fuels my painting. I am a registered dietitian and a certified master gardener with South Dakota State University extension.

Why I Paint Plants

The reason behind painting garden and plant art is because they bring me great joy. I love all things garden; burying seeds on crisp spring afternoons, picking produce in the summer, and tidying up the garden beds come fall. For me, spring means working in the dirt and listening to the birds chirp as I contemplate how to arrange my plantings for the coming season. As I smell a tomato plant while I’m trimming off the extra shoots, it brings me indescribable joy. The scent of lavender blossoms or basil leaves is intoxicating.

Why I Paint Kitchen Art

In the kitchen, I also cannot help herself; I have to create deliciousness from this bounty. Whether it is a simple, still-warm-from-her-sunny-green-garden bright red tomato slice sprinkled with Maldon sea salt flakes or a complexly-flavored eggplant Parmesan, there is a joy to savoring food.

Because of my love for these integral aspects of life, they inspire me each day I sit down to paint. I hope this love for nature and the simple but meaningful things in life will pass to you when you hold a piece of my art in your hands. Cherish and enjoy this art made from the hands of a Midwestern watercolor artist. I put my heart and soul into creating each piece of art, and I hope it will transport you to a place of joy and peace.

Thanks for stopping,