Garden: Online Gardening Course

Growing your own vegetables, flowers, and plants is an incredibly rewarding experience. Do you want to plant your own garden, but you’re not sure how to begin? It’s often challenging to find a trustworthy source for experienced, sound gardening advice and guidance. My online garden design and planting course is here to solve that problem.

Design and Plant Your Home Vegetable Garden

My comprehensive online garden design and planting course will walk with you through how to design your garden, which plants to choose, how to enrich your soil, where to plant each species, and how to care for your young plants.

My practical and easygoing style will help you gain confidence as a vegetable gardener. You’ll learn how to garden in a way that is low-maintenance and tailored to your needs and goals. To learn more about the garden course and to join now, visit the course page.

Cami’s Gardening Experience

Cami Jacobsen began gardening decades ago, and her knowledge has grown exponentially along with her passion. As a devoted home chef, registered dietitian, and experienced gardener, Cami values growing plants that can provide nourishment and promote a healthy lifestyle. Cami loves all things garden, from placing delicate rows of seeds in the soil to weeding the garden early and often.

Cami has experience gardening in various climates and hardiness zones, though she currently resides in the central United States, where the growing season is long, the soil is rich, and the summer is hot.

Cami is experienced with garden design, seed and plant selection, seed starting, planting, garden management, organic gardening, plant problem-solving, harvesting, soil supplementation, and many other aspects to building and sustaining a healthy, abundant vegetable and flower garden.

Gardening Consultation

Do you have a question about your rose bushes or the placement of fruit trees? Do you want a garden or landscape rejuvenation but don’t know where to start? What about how to get rid of an invasive species? No matter what the question, I will work with you on an individual basis and provide strategies for problem-solving within your garden.

I offer consultation for design, implementation, and problem solving within your outdoor space. We will work together to help you create the perfect plan that fits with your space and goals.

Reach out to me via email at or phone at 720.587.9756 if you’re interested in a gardening consult. We will work together with you to create the garden of your dreams.