Hand-painted kale leaves


Just a few words of wisdom about cooking, gardening, and watercolor art.

An Ode to My Mother

    Aug 29, 2021
Chokecherry Picking We stained our fingers deep red, and our buckets mounded high with the chokecherries we’d been gathering all morning. My mother, my children,

A Year for Beans

    Oct 20, 2020
“Never ever ever mess around with my greens. Especially the beans!” My sentiments exactly. This line from the musical Into the Woods echoed through my

Vice Principles

    Sep 16, 2020
Apple Butter Memories The apple butter is bubbling thickly on the stovetop. Bubbles the size of quarters is what I’m shooting for. The rich, sweet

The Bread of Home

    May 29, 2020
Memory The heady aroma of fresh bread wafting from the kitchen greets me. We are visiting my grandparents on their wheat farm in eastern Montana.

The Rise of Spring

    May 5, 2019
Awakening Creation Spring. Warm, sunny days. Cool rains. The green of the budding trees is almost electric, and emerging plants are the same. Their lime

Why Preserve?

    Oct 13, 2018
It has been a longstanding tradition in our kitchen; come August and September, we are canning the summer’s bounty. A day in the raspberry patch

My Garden Muse

    Sep 2, 2018
My garden muse presented himself in the unsuspecting form of my next door neighbor, Glenn Heins. Glenn is a coupling of all that is both


    Jan 19, 2018
This deep ruby-colored globe is as delicately flexible to use in your cooking as it is beautiful to behold.