Through our cooking classes and individualized consulting services, Ripe and Roasted strives to provide you with a resource for learning and developing food expertise. Our many personalized cooking courses will set you up to learn the skills for making your kitchen a culinary enclave. Experience our cooking classes so creating in the kitchen can move from an arduous task to an instinct.

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Featured Cooking Classes

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Paella: A Humble Spanish Dish

Learn how to make this iconic Spanish cowboy dish. Paella was historically made over a campfire with available ingredients. In this course, you will learn the art of making this classically fresh and satisfying dish.

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A Meal from Provence

The ingredients that distinguish Provence from other parts of France or even other parts of southern Europe are the aromatic herbs like lavender, fennel, thyme, marjoram, and savory. France uses capers, Niçoise olives, and orange peel. Seafood of all kinds is prevalent in this type of cooking. And then there is Rhône wine. This class will incorporate these ingredients and more that hail from this lovely region of France.

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Cinnamon Rolls and Chicken Chili

This Ripe and Roasted Classics course will teach you the art of making decadent, handcrafted cinnamon rolls. These cinnamon rolls are a food for the heart, and they pair perfectly with a warm bowl of chicken chili for a delightfully cozy family meal.


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As Easy as Pie

Pie is not easy – unless you know the techniques to making the flakiest crust. This class goes two directions, both savory and sweet. We’ll tackle quiches, a savory/sweet hors d’oeuvre tart, and dessert pies with sweet fillings.


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