Pineapple Card


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The sweet aroma of roasted pineapple filled the kitchen as a pineapple upside down cake baked in the oven. This delicious cake hails from the days when we baked cakes in heavy skillets over open fires. The stars of the show, the pineapple slices, butter, and sugar slowly cooked on the bottom of the pan.

As I flipped over the cast iron skillet, I prayed that the cake would come out without crumbling. Triumph came when I saw the pineapple slices tucked down into caramelly goodness, the beautiful fruit displayed across the top of this precarious delicacy.

Send a classic fruit greeting card for a thank you note or any occasion. This card depicts a hand-painted print of a pineapple.

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Card Information: 

  • Blank inside, artwork print on the outside
  • Size: A2 (4.25″x 5.5″)
  • Comes with matching or gray envelope
  • Printed, cut, and sent from Sioux Falls, SD

Any “Ripe and Roasted” watermark in product photos will not appear on actual cards.

All artwork designed and produced by Cami Jacobsen with Ripe and Roasted. All rights reserved.


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